Eliminating Toxins using DIY Natural Recipes

Since I went Clean, Green, and Lean, my overall health has improved. I’ve enjoyed learning about the many different ways of creating products that are natural to the environment and easier on our bodies. The idea wasn’t completely foreign to me, as I had made homemade baby wipes in the past. I don’t really use a lot of commercial products and chemicals so that was an easy transition as well.

About three months ago, I began with making my own laundry detergent. It’s easy, much more affordable, good for my skin and environment and always a win, win. I usually make my soap batches every month and they last me just as long. I even get the kids to help me shave the soap, they love it! If you want to try to make your own laundry detergent or dish soap, here are some recipes I use.



  • 1 bar shaved gentle soap (castille soap works well but I use Ivory)
  • 1 C borax
  • 1 C Washing Soda


  Combine the ingredients and voila!

I add about 2 T to each load of clothes and they come out clean and fresh each time!

And, while we’re on a roll…here’s more DIY Naturally recipes. If you have a chance to visit their blog, it’s the best thing out there since the internet was formed.



  • 1 ¾ cups boiling water
  • 1 Tbsp borax
  • 1 Tbsp grated bar soap (use castile bar soap, homemade soap, Ivory, or whichever natural bar you prefer)
  • 15-20 drops essential oils, optional (find 100% pure essential oils here) I use Eucalyptus-smells so good and is a great antimicrobial. 


  1. Heat water to boiling.
  2. Combine borax and grated bar soap in a medium bowl. Pour hot water over the mixture. Whisk until the grated soap is completely melted.
  3. Allow mixture to cool on the countertop for 6-8 hours, stirring occasionally. Dish soap will gel upon standing.
  4. Transfer to a squirt bottle, and add essential oils (if using). Shake well to combine.

A little disclaimer about the dish soap. Most of us are used to seeing bubbles form in the water after we squirt a little soap in. Not this kind. There might be a few bubbles at first but then the water will just turn a bit cloudy. This is normal and don’t worry, it’s still going to clean your dishes. Perhaps better than most commercial dish soaps and the plus is that you won’t have any yucky chemicals remaining on your dishes that you eat from!

Also, a little goes a long way with this recipe. You really need only a tablespoon or so for a whole sink full of dishes. My 10-year old son shares dish duty with me so we both had to learn the hard way about using too much soap. Squirt too much and your dishes will be really greasy so less soap and more elbow grease will make those dishes sparkling and squeaky clean. Literally.

Instead of body wash, I’ve been mixing one part water to one part Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castille soap in the Lavender scent. Yum.  It lathers up really nice on a sponge and is gentle enough to use everyday!

I haven’t had enough courage to try to make my own toothpaste yet. I buy the Jason brand which contains no fluoride. Did y’all know that fluoride is really bad for you? Go ahead and google it, I’ll wait.

I haven’t really transitioned into natural makeup yet because frankly, I hardly wear makeup. I do use natural lip balms though.

Because I’ve had issues with my Hashi’s and my hair thinning out incredibly, I currently use Loreal’s sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. It’s done wonders nourishing my scalp and helping to increase hair growth.

My next purchase in the natural department will be deodorant but since I had a whole tube, I can’t justify throwing it out just yet. Plus, it smells so good and works so well. I’m a little leery of making my own deodorant, but it’s possible.

That about covers the beauty end of things. As for cleaning around the home, I’ve thrown away all harsh chemicals and use baking soda, vinegar, and liquid castille soap for all my cleaning. My house smells clean, fresh, and I don’t need to open all the windows to air it out afterwards!

If you have ever had just one little desire to make a difference on this planet or to improve your overall health, I sincerely recommend eliminating the toxins and chemicals from your home first. If you don’t believe me, read Clean, Green, and Lean by Dr. Walter Crinnion. This book was an easy read and definitely made me a believer, opening my eyes up to the dangerous and often deadly effects of toxins and chemicals in almost every product we use.

Happy Crunchy Things to you and yours,

From the Granola Crunchy Hippie in Sedona :)

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5 thoughts on “Eliminating Toxins using DIY Natural Recipes

  1. Wow You are turning into a little Grandma Ethel.i remember when she made her own soap and my Grandma did too. wish I had her recipe for that.

    Very interesting.Check out that site I gave you if you have time.LiveWellNetwork.com and click on Deals.They always have some recipes.



    Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 02:03:03 +0000 To: sharlinz@hotmail.com

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