A New Approach-Treating Hashimoto’s naturally

I’m two weeks into my new treatment plan constructed by my new naturophathic doctor. This is a big deal for me. I’ve spent decades doing things or not doing things and eating things  and definitely *not* eating things that have been damaging to my body. And I didn’t care. I’ve allowed stress to consume me to the point of dysfunction, both in my everyday lifestyle and in my body. More importantly, I wasn’t willing to just be medicated my entire life, guessing the dosage, getting it wrong nearly every month, while I wait for one of the most important functioning glands to “die off” so I can continue to take a pill the rest of my life! I don’t care what type of school you went to, what type of doctorate you have, you can’t argue facts! There is a REASON that herbal, natural, ancient medicine has been around for ages and AGES, It Works! And when you start loading your body up with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs, it is capable of repairing and healing itself.

Right there! That was it for me.

I’ve started a new regimen called Nature-Throid. Nature-Throid is a desiccated pork thyroid hormone derived from the pig gland.  It’s a gradual producer of  T3, and T4 compared to the synthetic hormone previously prescribed, containing T4 only. With synthetic thyroid, my body was responsible for converting T4 to T3. Sometimes, already damaged and tired bodies have a difficult time doing this. So for some, Nature-Throid can be the more effective choice.

I haven’t noticed any big changes so far. This is definitely something I have to tune my body into each day. I have to ask myself how I’m really feeling and then listen and be honest. I don’t want to be over-medicated anymore so if I feel a bit edgy or irritable, I can back down the dosage on the Nature-Throid the next day, just to even things out a bit. 

In addition to the Nature-Throid, my doctor also recommends I start an adrenal complex. If we just treat the thryoid, we’d be chasing our tails because the real problem lies in the adrenal glands. I haven’t started this yet. I am gradually changing a lot of things in my body so I’m going slow but this will start soon.

In order for all of this to work, my body needs to have all the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. That means, a whole new way to eat. Currently, I’m on the anti-inflammatory diet, meaning, no dairy, no soy, no gluten and definitely no processed foods. It’s organic all the way over in this house. Lots of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and protein. Luckily, I purchased a great cookbook in her office so I can delve into this clean eating thing a little better.

(Get this mom…) Even though I have quite a few followers, I’m still convinced she’s the only one reading this.. :)

The first recipe I made, besides a smoothie, was for kale chips. Pretty sure my mom would have a heart attack if she knew I was eating so many garden vegetables, especially kale. :) The kale chips were delicious and a great alternative to the potato chips that most of American snacks on. The bottom line is I feel better already knowing my body is going to be getting all the nutrients they need in order for my body to heal itself from this autoimmune disease. That’s the goal anyway.

I leave you with my first recipe from the great cookbook, Nourishing Meals.

As my journey is ever-changing, my blog will reflect that. Not only will I be documenting my traveling and photographic journeys, and my family but now health and wellness will be a major focus for me as I learn more about nutrition and well-being and healing disorders along the way. Thinking of changing the name of the blog as well….anybody wanna give me a suggestion?

As always, thanks for being here. And please, if you have any questions or comments, let’s discuss!

Sweet & Spicy Kale Chips

2 bunches kale, inner stems removed

1 small lime, juiced

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons creamy almond butter

1 tablespoon maple syrup or honey

1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

Rinse the kale and pat dry. Cut the inner stem out of the kale and tear into large pieces.

In  a small bowl, whisk together ingredients. Place kale in large bowl and coat with mixture.

Use one large cookie sheet and place kale on one even layer on cookie sheet. Bake for about 40 minutes or until dry and crisp. Store in airtight container for a few days if any are left. They are so good, so I doubt you’ll have to store any!

**In other news: I’m back in my old home in the mountains of Colorado for a few days, celebrating with some friends as they get hitched, also, doing their wedding photography. Wish me luck tomorrow for the big event!


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5 thoughts on “A New Approach-Treating Hashimoto’s naturally

  1. I am glad to read you and the family are eating healthy.Nothing wrong with that. The recipe for the kale chips looks good. I have heard about them but never tried them,yet!!Have a great time in Colorado.Safe travels.


    Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 01:14:31 +0000 To: sharlinz@hotmail.com

  2. Changing diet and using herbal supplements helped me tremendously when coming off of the antidepressants, even helping my rotator cuff and neurological issues. It’s a lot of work to eat healthy and change the way you did things before, but it does pay off in the end! Even if a person can feel better than they did before–able to function daily–that makes a huge difference and is well worth the effort! Our bodies CAN heal themselves IF they have what they need to do the job. It bothers me that doctors just want to through meds at you, but they don’t want to figure out the cause of a disease. Whatever happened to prevention?!

    By the way, my aunt has been taking Nature Thyroid for awhile. She has hypothyroidism and has had some problems with regular meds. One of them was actually the cause for her nausea and heart palpitations. It took the doctors a year to figure that out! Meanwhile, she was worried about everything from her heart to brain tumors. Crazy! After she learned that her medicine was the cause, she went to a naturopathic doctor and was put on Nature Thyroid. My aunt feels a lot better. She’s not tired all of the time. Lately, she’s been having some trouble with body temperature (she gets hot on and off a little more frequently), but it might be her adrenals.

    I pray you will have a lot of success in getting well, Melissa!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Too many times people have to suffer serious side effects first in order for doctors to make necessary changes. And patients too. You can’t just allow a doctor to dictate your treatment, educate yourselves I say, about nutrition and diet. It all comes down to what you’re putting in to your body. Continued success to your aunt. I’m happy to see us both on a better path, Lisa. :)

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