Our Creepy-Crawly Encounter in Arizona

This month has brought about many news things. Especially creepy critters.

About a week ago, a scorpion crawled into my laundry room and was probably looking to wash some socks but I don’t allow that. I mean, C’mon, water isn’t free, ‘ya know.

Before that, it was a more pleasant site in the trees as I saw my first authentic Arizona cardinal…

IMG_2426 (725x800)

…and also some really beautiful butterflies decided to check out my hubby’s swim trunks a little closer. Maybe they thought the flowers had nectar in them…


When we first arrived, we had the pleasure of being greeted at the door by our first black widow. Let’s just say when we moved in, this big beast was evicted. By a hammer.


Then, yesterday, as I was sitting on the deck, writing at my computer, I see out of the corner of my eye a huge something as it strolled up through the gravel, and over my sidewalk. Of course, I summoned the help of my nine-year old son because well, ew, gross, I’m not going to check it out.

And frankly, he’s a little bug genius. He can identify common species of spiders and bugs and other creepy crawlies and most of the time ends up regurgitating annoying facts about them.

This was no exception. I wanted the bug kindly located but Mason wanted to go on and on about the life cycle of this beetle, what it eats and every other gross, disgusting detail I don’t care to hear. Not because I don’t love hearing my extremely smart kid, I just wanted it gone.


All I kept thinking was “What if he has wings?” What the hell would my existence be like then? How would I survive? Knowing I had to dodge gigantic flying beetles is not my idea of a fun time.

Thankfully, I didn’t see any sort of flight movement and the boys eventually watched the beetle crawl into a more familiar territory, up the hill, away from my home!



Then there’s the lizards. I nearly forgot the lizards. They have become as commonplace as the spiders living here, in the desert. The cat and dogs think they are an exceptionally good snack and playmate. We used to have quite a few that we would see scurrying around day to day but since the cat and the big dog like to chase the lizards and then eat them, I think the lizards have relocated as well.

Zeus, the cat, brought one to the front door, still squirming. Thankfully, he didn’t show us his catch IN the house. That’s the last thing I need, another creature with more legs than me scurrying around my home.

It’s not bears, mountain lions, and elk we see anymore, just beetles, bugs, spiders, and scorpions. Not too sure I like this trade-in. I’d rather the large mammals over the arachnids any day.

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10 thoughts on “Our Creepy-Crawly Encounter in Arizona

  1. I missed something … did you move to Arizona permanently, or are you returning to Colorado sometime? Also, eww – I hate all things arachnid or insect, I don’t care how valuable they are to ecosystems.

  2. Really enjoyed this- very amusing! :) I love that the Black Widow was evicted by a hammer!

    I’m a bit of a nature and wildlife geek, but bugs freak me out all the time! I often think I don’t know what I’d do if I came face to face with one of those Praying Mantis thingeys- urgh!

    Love the cardinal and the butterfly.

  3. Black widows are everywhere in Vegas as well… if you go outside in the evening and go for a walk… you will see them in their webs along the block wall. Never walk close to the walls at night. LOL

    1. ugh. watch out for the scorpions too. a blogging friend just got done writing a post about a scorpion she saw in her Vegas home and a day later, he was in mine!! They travel fast. :)

  4. When this one came through on my phone, I made the firm decision never to move to Arizona. :-) Ohio might be cold in the winter, but the bugs I’ve seen are generally smaller than my fist. Unlike these crazy things!!

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